The Hayat Zaman hotel & resort village is one of the most attractive places in jordan where tourists meet and enjoy their stay in the country. As you begin to explore the village you will discover that it is not a hotel in the mere sense, but an attractive cultural resource rich in history and heritage - a window that will transport you back to the late 19th century riral jordan. We invite you to experience yesterday with us, today at Hayat Zaman.

Hayat Zaman provides the ideal place for visitors who wish to explore petra while at the same time offering modem recreational facilities and entertainment in an authentic late 19th century jordanian village. The architecture of the village boasts grand arches. Vaults and houses (guest room) of local stones, which keep cool in summer and warm in winter. The facilities at the village are built around themes and this allos the guest to experience the old village way of life.

You will discover an excellent team at your servic. The bedouin's traditional hospitality and food will thrill you. The village take you back one century with all the modern conveniences.

Located 12km away from the rose-red city of petra, and easily reached by car or bus three hours drive (250km) from the airport of the capital city amman one and half hours (110km) from aqaba.



HAYAT ZAMAN Hotel, Petra. P.O BOX 2,
Wadi Mousa, 71873 Petra, Jordan.

+962 3 2150111
+962 3 2150101